Micro Sonic Grenade

Have an annoying sibling, teacher, or parent? If so, this is the thing for you!
It puts out 115 decibels- As loud as a power saw!
This item is/includes:
  • For people aged 14+ due to loud noise.
  • Timet that can be set to 5, 30, or 60 seconds
  • Can be hidden easily
  • Siren is 110-115 decibels, about the loudness of a sandblaster or power saw
  • Battery powered
  • Prolonged exposure can cause headaches
I think this item is totally worth the price!
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Electronic Spy Shirt!

This is a shirt that has a tiny camera in it that is activated by a button in your pocket. It has these features:
  • Tiny color digital camera hidden in the chest
  • Use the pocket based remote to shoot color digital photos
  • Vibrating shutter lets you know when you take a new shot
  • Can hold over 150 color digital photos, 640 x 480 resolution
  • Remove the camera to wash the shirt
  • USB plugs in to laptop or desktop computer
  • Works with any OS
  • It only requires 3x AAA batteries
I think this shirt is worth the money! It is awesome for all of those spy enthusiasts out there.
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